Point Advisor DFY Service (Done For You!)

Have you found it difficult to use your points whenever you need? We have the know-how and creativity to find you the best option at the least cost of points. We will save you thousands in cash!

Let the experts help you earn points faster and maximise the value of your points!

1. Earn Points Faster!

After we study your spending patterns and travel needs, we will suggest to you the best credit card to apply for or to use to Maximise your points earning capacity.

2. When to transfer your points to the airlines and to which one?

We manage the points transfer process, utilising the promotional offers throughout the year, earning extra bonus points and transferring to the right programs according to your next 12 months travel plans.

3. Use your points at their Maximum Value!

We redeem the points for you, with our expertise in travel consulting and points redemption. Send us your flight requests, we will find you the best options with the least points, or offer you advice when you are better off paying cash for your flight and saving your points for future flights.

Service Terms and Conditions

  1. Special Launch Offer – $99 p.a DFY service, normally $199 p.a. Waived if we redeem more than 2 million airline points for you per year.
  2. You will be offered the following benefits:
    • Points Health Check – Your point earning analysis and recommendation.
    • Dedicated account manager.
    • Personalised newsletters delivering the relevant news and offers to you.
    • Discounted redemption service fees

Our services will guarantee you additional points that you might have been missing and significantly increase the value of your points by thousand’s of dollars.

Money Back Gaurantee
If we are not able to find award flights in 12months and offer you advice on earning more points, we offer full refund of your membership fee, subject to terms & conditions

This is what our clients say about our service.

Dockside group: We had accrued millions of points through flights and credit card use but had no real idea on how to maximise using these points. Often it seemed easier to just purchase our Business Class flights as finding available redemption flights was not an easy task. Points Advisor has changed all of this and not just for booking flights for corporate but also for personal holidays for both my staff and family. We no longer purchase business class flight at full price but are able to use our points to their fullest potential thanks to Points Advisor. We are extremely impressed with the results and their first class Service! We would recommend Points Advisor to anyone who has accrued millions of points as they have saved us a lot of money and time.

Sharon Williams from Taurus Marketing Sydney: Just a note to send a big thank you to you for all your help on my flights. I am completely in love with you guys.

Tina – Our Principle: : I didn’t know anything about points more than 5 years ago, so when Amex approached me offering $10,000 for 1 million Amex points, I gladly accepted… Knowing what I know now, I realise that I lost a minimum of $10,000 in that one transaction! (bear in mind, Amex points are worth half as much now, after conversion changed from 1:1 to 2:1 from 15 April 2019)
Since then, I have learnt so much about points. I have used points for 50% of my first and biz class flights, I feel compelled to teach the public the value of these points and how to use them wisely. Its never as simple as calling the airlines and asking for availability of the flight you want to take. Because for each flight there are literary more than 10 ways to use various airline points to fly A to B, and even for exactly the same flight, it does not cost the same amount of points among different redemption platforms.. it is a science! and it takes years of experience to maximise the value of your points!

We’ve done the research and calculations for you, use these tools or let the experts do the hard work for you! The money we save you will outweigh the cost.

Sign up before you apply for your next credit card, or use your points on flights, let the experts help you DO IT RIGHT, THE FIRST TIME.

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